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The Abby Blythe

The Abby Blythe -  VIP Escort from Charleston  - accepts RS2K verification service members.
600- 1hr
900- 90mins
1200- 2hrs
1500- 3hrs
2000- 4-6hrs
5000- overnight
Phone: 843-926-8217
Home Base: Charleston , South Carolina
Did I peak your interest?

Well then you are in for a real treat! My charm is sweet and tender with little bit of sassiness to ensure our time is never boring or dull. I enough being authentically comfortable you and expect the same from you, no unpleasantries. I am classy, sassy, sarcastic, and a bubbly personality that busts out your passions and chemistry.

I am your sexy next door neighbor, the stunning women at the bar you can’t take your eyes off, and that bridge runner you have been dying to meet!

Cant wait for the chance to meet you, till then my mind goes wild with the possibility of unexpected passions that are going to ignite both of our excitements!


Abby Blythe
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