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Manhattan escort Chloe Gold
30 minutes 400
60 minutes 700
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Phone: 646-396-3227
Home Base: Manhattan, New York
You contain bold depths & latent desires unseen by the world, perhaps long neglected in wintry dormancy. Allow me to be your enlivening muse...

Under the staid demeanor you hold up before the world and its demands, your hunter’s appetite lures my inner kitten to playfully stoke your urgent flames. Together we can unlock a latent realm of luxuriant forbidden pleasure hidden from plain view, ours to secretly relish.

I delight in taking in new knowledge and experiences in good company. A self-taught photographer, every picture you see of me is taken by myself & sharing these titillations online excites my liminal passions, though certain reveals are reserved for behind closed doors with trusted co-conspirators in exploring kink and carnal delight.

My striking gaze belies a soothing touch and soft manner I’m told puts you at ease to open up while making you feel seen and alive, a bit on your toes. Maybe it’s on purpose ;)

I thrill at the prospect of a new psyche to discover, with its treasure of secret desire.

What’s yours?
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