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Dawn Bristow

Jamestown North Dakota escort Dawn Bristol in mirror
Phone: 701-454-8396
Home Base: Jamestown, North Dakota
My name is Dawn Bristow and I am a tall, athletic, self taught individual.

I love people who think for themselves and aren't afraid of standing strong in their beliefs.

Common sense, respect, critical thinking, and treating women like the queens that we are goes a long way with me.

Some of my favorite topics: politics, gardening, my pets, the state of things, and of course, food.

Spending time at the museum, out hiking, bowling, axe throwing, Renaissance Fairs, Civil War reenactments, or anything historical, peaks my interest!

I am a tomboy and have always been. I do love the finer things in life but laying low and keeping to myself means more to me than anything.

Please only reach out to me if you are serious.

I am sick and tired of time wasters in this industry.

Don’t be one of them.

Dawn Bristow
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