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Lovely Malayla Manhattan New York Independent VIP Escort accepts RS2K verification service members.
Introduction – 1 hour – $1200
Indulgence – 2 hours – $1800
Dinner and Dessert – 4 hours – $3000
Soiree – 6 hours – $4000
Breakfast in Bed – 12 hours – $5000
Full Day Escapade – 24 hours – $7000
Weekend of Ecstacy – 48 hours – $10,000
Home Base: Manhattan, New York

Allow me to introduce myself. Most recently, I have taken up residence in the vibrant metropolis of Manhattan. As a working business professional, I have dedicated myself to my craft, and my academic achievements include the attainment of a masters degree. At present, I find myself in the prime of my early thirties and eager to continue pursuing my passions. However, my proclivity towards indulgence and pleasure-seeking goes largely unfulfilled in the rigidity of the corporate world. And thus, at this juncture, our journey commences.

Now allow me to share a brief description of my physical attributes. I possess luxuriant, jet-black tresses that cascade down my back, and my physique embodies both athleticism and curves. My complexion boasts a natural golden hue, a testament to my affinity for basking in the sun’s warmth and reveling in the great outdoors. An exquisite blend of exotic aesthetics and sensuality evoke a unique allure that sets me apart. The finer details of my persona are best experienced firsthand, and thus, I shall leave their revelation when we meet in person.

Yours truly,
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