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Talia Dahlia

Talia Dahlia Seattle Washington Independent VIP Escort accepts RS2K verification service members.
A Brief Indulgence
1 hour - $350 USD
90 mins - $510 USD
2 hours - $650 USD

Dinner Date
delight in a meal with me so I can savor you later...
3 hours - $850 USD
4 hours - $1,000 USD
6 hours - $1,350 USD

Extended Engagements
Day Date - 12 hours
let's get truly intimate. My favorite dates are live shows (musicals, stand-up comedy, ballet, opera, jazz, EDM, rap, pretty much the entire gambit), sporting events, museums, going to the spa (who doesn’t love a massage?), new experiences, and having a delicious meal before returning to your hotel room.
$2,000 USD

Full Day - 24 hours
Why yes I would love for you to take me out and snuggle me in the morning!
$3,000 USD

Each Additional Day
$2,500 USD

+ $200 USD / per hour

In-Date Extension
* when available
+ $300 USD / per hour

Please kindly inquire.
Phone: 206-771-1567
Home Base: Seattle, Washington
Hi dreamy humans,

My name is Talia Dahlia. I come off aloof, shy and bookish. Behind my bashful exterior is an enthusiastic eager dirty little freak. I learn from all of my lovers. I am a curious creature, and want to explore every breadth of your body. I aim to please you, and have a luscious soft sloppy mouth.

I would describe myself as a dynamic individual with a penchant for laughter, rapid-fire conversation, and pleasure. I am a 30-year-old, 5' 3.75" (almost 5'4"...close but no cigar), with size 10 feet, and a gap tooth smile. I hail from a sunny pacific island, have golden skin, shoulder-length wavy alternative colored hair, and glasses. I am curvy, compact, toned yet soft. I am active, an islander, and have a naturally muscular body that I work hard to maintain. My desire is to create a sensual event we can both enjoy. I am a hedonist through and through and hopefully, you are too.

I prefer transparent communication, and have been told upon meeting that it is like picking up a conversation with an old friend, or someone from a past life. My goal is that both of us feel comfortable to savor our time together. I grew up in Washington State, and have been residing in the Greater Seattle area since 2011. I completed graduate school in 2019, and enjoy listening to others' stories, and the mundanity of day-to-day life. I truly enjoy getting to know others, and learning from every exchange of energy.

In my private time, I appreciate Pilates, hanging out with my dog, listening to music, podcasts, reading fantasy novels, tabletop board games, live theatre, comedy shows, cinema, dim sum, and the spectrum of experiences life offers. I place value on intimacy, knowledge, nourishment, feeling beautiful in beautiful settings, and laughter. I’m a cosmopolitan woman with nuance who is just as comfortable vibing at a dive bar eating greasy goodness, Mox Boarding House while you draft or we play a boardgame, or a live show dancing up against you. I’m a proficient conversationalist, and confidante. Let’s get lost in each other’s bodies, and let me be your relief from the outside world.

To see more pics and learn all about me, go to my website (www.taliadahlia.com) and get to know me more at my twitter @talia_dahlia


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