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Danielle Squirts Chicago Illinois Independent VIP Escort accepts RS2K verification service members.
Phone: 415-326-4388
Home Base: Chicago, Illinois
Please visit my exclusive site to discover all the various ways (and exactly how) to find yourself ensconced for a time in the ambitiously hedonistic energy of the Infamous Danielle Squirts!

Although the site is extensive, all the details relevant to booking time with me are on the Rates/Schedule page for your convenience, including my most recent pix!

My girl-next-door appearance is something of an optical illusion, conveniently allowing me to walk the world, only exposing the true depth of my kinkysexual nature once behind closed doors. You will then find yourself in the presence of a hormone driven over achiever living fully in the now, intently dedicated to the pursuit of healthy, happy, hedonism with you.

Once in a lifetime experiences are my specialty, with or without a resort destination. Prepare yourself. Horizon expanding, perception altering encounter ahead. I am intent on continuously raising the bar on eroticism, intimacy and authentic connection.

I am a kinkysexual force of nature. Once confirmed, nothing short of a literal blizzard has a chance of blowing me off track. I am rarely available on short notice or even same day as my rate and process are structured to allow me to dedicate all my considerable erotic energy into no more than one suitor a day, even when touring, ensuring plenty of time for my other daily indulgences and for making all the preparations with genuine enthusiasm in anticipations of our coming together. This is my non-stop hedonistic adventure you are stepping into for a time, and that has never been a secret. If you just got here you have some catching up to do, love!

I am happy to come just about anywhere...
...for a confirmed booking...
...given enough notice.

Enable me, love.
Make happiness easy, say you're an RS2k member!

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