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Rachel Ozawa

Tour Dates:
Los Angeles, CA Jun 4 - Jun 27
San Francisco, CA Jun 27 - Jun 29
Washington, D.C. Jun 29 - Jul 3
Philadelphia, PA Jul 3 - Jul 4
New York City, NY Jul 4 - Jul 7
Boston, MA Jul 7 - Jul 10
Chicago, IL Jul 10 - Jul 14
St. Louis, MO Jul 14 - Jul 16
Los Angeles, CA Jul 16 - Jul 29
Las Vegas, NV Jul 29 - Jul 31
Denver, CO Jul 31 - Aug 3
Dallas, TX Aug 3 - Aug 7
Houston, TX Aug 7 - Aug 9
Atlanta, GA Aug 9 - Aug 12
Miami, FL Aug 12 - Aug 14
New York City, NY Aug 14 - Aug 17
Chicago, IL Aug 17 - Aug 19
Los Angeles, CA Aug 19 - Sep 1
San Francisco, CA Sep 1 - Sep 4
Portland, OR Sep 4 - Sep 6
Seattle, WA Sep 6 - Sep 8
Los Angeles, CA Sep 8 - Sep 20
Home Base: Los Angeles, California
Hello. I’m Rachel Ozawa, Your Favorite Asian.

I’m delighted you found me. Let’s make this the beginning of a beautiful long-term connection, shall we?

Your first reaction will be to feel enchanted by my innocent-looking face and sweet disposition. I take very high pride in my appearance which I take supreme care of. Immediately, you’ll be melted in my beautiful big eyes, sexy lips and a cute little V-shape face. Most importantly, you’ll love my tiny and youthful, well-toned body.

Personality wise, if you are like me (into astrology), I represent a relatively typical Cancer and have almost all the known traits of a water sign. One of my biggest goals in life is to create positive happy experiences for people around me and myself as well. As the most intuitive sign of all, this just comes natural in me.

My whole purpose of being Rachel is to connect, to vibe and to experience. My unique personality trait gives me the ability to understand people, and my goal is to build long-term lasting relationships not just in a physical aspect, but more importantly with mental and intellectual parallels, since without the latter, the former is just not pleasant enough on a deeper level, in other words can’t last or most likely is very disposable, which is not something I’m looking for. I’m fully aware of the type of individuals I want to attract into my life and I hope you are, too. If so, you and I are going to have a blast!

I can't wait for you to be a part of my world!
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