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Victoria Jolie  -  VIP Escort from  - accepts RS2K verification service members.
I offer two type of encounters:

The regular one
dinner date 1000/4hrs
overnight 2500/12hrs

VIP treatment
dinner date 1250/4hrs
overnight 2800/12hrs
Phone: 646-328-8356
Home Base: Wisconsin
Exotic French Muse to Fulfill Your Dreams *

In France, a romantic woman is drawn to the tasteful gentleman who is sensually playful and I am no exception. Allow yourself to relax mon cher, while I paint a picture of our private, amorous activities. Our greeting delivers a rush of sexual adrenaline. The intensity of my copper brown eyes promises chemistry so explosive that we don’t know what to do with each other first. We laugh, we chat, we caress as easy conversation flows like the air we breathe. The excitement increases as we surround ourselves with each other. Your fingers explore luxurious slivers of the silk dress that hugs my near perfect figure while I soothe the tension that has tightened your body

​We toast to our acquaintance.
Before euphoria has its way, we opt for dinner because intimacy builds the highest possible climax. Assisting me with my coat, your eye catches the shimmer of my toned legs a top black patent stilettos that reveal shiny, red toes. As you rise to the occasion, a soft floral scent fills the air and it is all you can do to retain your composure.

Together, we are an elegant pair as heads turn and you dance on cloud nine. There is something in the way that she carries herself, you think and the phrase sex appeal confirms it all. Anxiety melts and inhibitions loosen as my hand disappears beneath the tablecloth, finding its way to yours. I have a whimsical quality that loves to tease – in the best way of course. The evening is filled with aphrodisiacs but we haven’t even begun to know what passion really means.

All of the barriers of business and responsibilities dissolve as we become, how do you say in English, truly lost in one other. Soon, the undeniable craving for dessert takes over and it is time to misbehave in the sanctity of the boudoir. Complete relaxation releases carnal urges that before were only dreams. No fantasy goes unexplored as my naughty side whispers unmentionable desires in your ear. We discover every nuance of each other until suddenly dawn is upon us and it is time for espresso and a hot shower. As we part, the only question that lingers in your mind is why haven’t we met sooner?

The best way to learn more about me is to view my website. Above all, do connect and share a bit about yourself. What better way to confirm our compatibility than during a brief engagement?

De nombreux baisers,
Many kisses, Victoria

Late thirties
5'9 in heel 6'1
I’m not a spinner, I’m statuesque.
36E enhanced
28 waist
35 hips
size 9 in shoes
Quebecoise Canadian with some Ukrainian background

I am consistent into providing an excellent rendez-vous. Most well reviewed canadian. I have greats reviews for many years with average of *8.8 star Don't get mislead when looking at my profile i am low volume (that is the perk of been independent) I have been on DD cup magazine

I travel with an emotional support dog hypoallergenic of 9lbs

Cancelation Policy:
Cancelation Policy/Poser un Lapin
I require a minimum of 24hrs notice to cancel a 1h appointment. If failing to comply 40% for 1h appointment is due to be transfer as a cancelation fee& 65% of 2hrs + is due to be transfer as a cancelation fee. While I understand that things can happen…I can no longer accept the simple “I’m sorry”. Communication is the key as well, as understanding that my time is as valuable as anyone’s – Shocker hey ;). When you book – You are blocking that specific time & length and prevent another suitor to book that specific time.
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