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McKenzie Gold -  VIP Escort from Minneapolis  - accepts RS2K verification service members.
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Home Base: Minneapolis , Minnesota
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I am not for everyone, nor do I pretend to be. I am not a petite woman nor a beauty queen. I am an Amazon from China. People often judge a book by its cover. I am not the typical book you find everywhere. I am a limited edition that is meant only for the right readers.

I believe that simple is best, honesty is the key, and being straightforward is the way. This Amazon focuses on a no-nonsense approach.

I am 33 years old and speak Chinglish. I was a pro volleyball player, stood 5’ 10” tall, weighed 170 lbs. and measured 36C-32-36.

I am an independent body rub specialist and companionship provider based in Minneapolis, MN.

I enjoy traveling. If you are seeing my profile in your city, it means I am there waiting for you.

Life has its ups and downs. Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Do you have something to celebrate? Treat yourself and escape with the Chinese Amazon. It is a wonderful and unique experience!

I want to take away your worry, help you forget your pain; cherish you and comfort you.

Believe the magic of my hands. Feel the power. Take a step towards wellness. Your body will thank you!

Ease your mind, My Dear. Are you ready to feel the power?
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