Safety for the Provider

We matter now more than ever.

Provider's taking referral's as sole screening is outdated. Contacting someone they don't know to ensure their safety is risky at best. Gentlemen get nervous sending their personal information, ID, work history etc. to every provider they wish to spend time with.

We screen by facts and fact alone. Information provided by gentlemen is verified in a very discrete and detailed way, using tools most providers may not have access to. Being accepted on similar sites is no guarantee we would accept that same individual as a member. All members are vetted yearly, and may not have their membership renewed if they are not up to the standards we require.

If someone contacts you and says they are a RS2k member, all that's required is the information we request on our "Verification Form". The requests are handled individually by a staff with decades of adult service experience. Member information is not and has never ever been kept online within the RS2k website.

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