Discretion for the Gentleman

What are the benefits of being a member?

Discretion and Ease
Screening is mandatory to see most providers, as it should be. With RS2k, you will NOT be sending your address, ID, work history etc. to every provider you wish to spend time with. Being verified once by us is your screening.

No longer will you have to follow different screening procedures or send information again and again to every provider you contact. No more using references and the issues with inaccuracy it can cause. We never retain who sends your member information to us for screening verification, ensuring your activities are kept private.

All screening and verification requests are handled individually by a staff with decades of adult service experience. Member information is not and has never ever been kept online within the RS2k website.

The system is simple
After submitting your membership application we do a non-invasive, but incredibly thorough, background check on you. We will NEVER contact you or an employer directly. If you are accepted for membership, we will verify you to any provider that accepts RS2K screening and verifications without you having to send all of your contact and personal information "again".

Providers appearing within this website have been verified by us as well, ensuring you are sending the little information they require to screen to a reputable lady.