What We Do

Established 1998, we are the oldest screening and verification service in the adult industry. Along with longevity, we maintain the highest standards for screening and discretion. Widely accepted, we make adventuring easy. We bridge the gap between Client and Provider with the utmost discretion. What we offer is an easy way for clients to meet providers without having to submit over and over all their personal information.

We are not an agency, collective, or assistant service. We do one thing and we do it incredibly well: provide screening and verification of gentlemen for Providers. We verify providers as well. All of them. No more looking for a "Verified" tag or blue check mark. The ones you see on our website have all been vetted and are as real as real can be.

We screen and verify by facts and facts alone before we allow a gentleman to become a member. We do NOT screen using provider references, since these can be inaccurate. Before a provider can use our services and be listed here, we check where they advertise, their social media posts and how long they have had an internet presence.

Our track record over the years has been impeccable.

Why Gentlemen should become a Member of RS2k

Why Providers should use our Screening and Verification services.