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VIPNicoletSilverFox New Orleans/Baton Rouge LA Independent VIP Escort accepts RS2K verification service members.
Please refer to my website for rates.
Phone: 985-276-9446
Home Base: New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA
This is what I imagine.
A time and place, comfortable and welcoming.
We leave our burdens in our parked cars. At an eatery enjoying libations and nibbling the chef's creation, conversing between bites and sips.

The nervousness melts away like the ice in our drinks, we laugh and talk, the outside world slowly disappears. Anticipation makes us depart to more intimate pursuits.

This is where it truly begins, embracing each other, passionate kisses, the feeling of urgency that was all but lost. Clothing being shed one by one, adoring each others bodies with all the the things life has etched itself into us, seen and unseen. Two people entwined in what seems like a moment of passion, and yet neither will ever forget.

That one night . . .
Nicolet, your Silver Fox
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