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Anita Love

Schaumburg Escort Anita Love

$350 hour Companionship
$400 hour BDSM/Strapon
$500 90 minutes Companionship
$550 90 minutes BDSM/Strapon
$650 2 hours Companionship
$700 2 hours BDSM/Strapon

$500 hour Companionship
$600 90 minutes Companionship
$700 90 minutes BDSM/Strapon (minimum BDSM)

Virtual Services
$125 half hour Facetime/Skype
$75 half hour Phone/Texting
Phone: 847-254-2171
Home Base: South, West and Northwest Suburbs, Illinois
My name is Anita Love, a well reviewed independent mature date or companion/model/domme.

Many of you know me as either “Wild Anita” or “Mistress Anita”. I wear many hats and have a quite varied business.

I am that passionate mature girlfriend that you love making out with. You want that hot cougar that looks like the woman next store? I have an air of innocence with hot smoldering passion underneath.

For those of you that want the kinky side, for this Mistress to tie you up, attach you to the bedpost and force you to do whatever I want, well, I am that woman too.

I have evolved from when I first started in the business back in 2014. I am more confident, self-assured and quite poised.
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